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Chelsea - mom of baseball player

"Great book. I’m highlighting one or two quotes in every page, for my son to read. As several coaches said, Its time for him to take ownership of the recruiting."

Lana - baseball mom

"I found this book so useful I recommended it to several other parents in the recruiting process. It's a quick read like Twitter with coach responses in short bursts..."

Lynn  - Florida

"Very informative. Guidelines are thorough and detailed. Suggestions are invaluable."

Youth baseball Coach - Ohio

"I received your book and even though I am not a strong reader I am really enjoying how easy it is to read. I am astonished by the amount of research that you put into that book. Wonderful job."

Lana (continued)

"Some of the coaches my son and I met with were quoted in the book. It was fun reading what they had to say. Soooo useful! Get it! Totally worth it!"


Matt - South Carolina

"This book is jam packed full of insightful, actionable items. If you are looking to play ball in college, THIS is your go-to resource. I love that the advice comes directly from the coaches. You will be so glad you bought it!"

Dad - southern California

"I purchased this book and I absolutely love it!!
I have been strongly recommending it to my baseball dad friends."

Joel - high school pitcher

"I bought this baseball book and I love it!"

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