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So you want to play college baseball? This book is your guide to getting recruited with advice from over 275 college coaches.


Avoid the misinformation and pitfalls--let Division I, Division II, and Division III college coaches guide you through the recruiting process.


This book takes you through the process from how to prepare to be recruited, to how to find the right school, to how to be noticed by coaches, to expectations on a new team, and even discusses your options if you don't get a recruitment invitation.


Chapters also include the parents' role and what the coaches look for by position, in each Division. A very important chapter is "Don't Do This," insights into what may stop a coach from recruiting you.


Following is a list of the chapters:

1. Introduction

2. Basics of Recruiting

    (including NCAA and scholarship information)

3. Prepare physically and academically.

4. Determine level of play.

5. Find the right school.

6. First Contact with Coaches

7. How to Interact with the Coach

8. Where Coaches Find Recruits

9. What Coaches Look For Physically

    (for each position, in each Division)

10. What Else Coaches Look For

11. Parents' Role

12: Don't do this.

     (behaviors that could stop the coach from recruiting you)

13: Are you on the team?

14: New to the Team

     (adjustments and expectations)

15. What if you are not recruited?

16. Wrapping it Up


It's the coach who decides whether you get recruited or not. Why not take their advice and increase your chances to play college baseball?

Play College Baseball

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